Why Samsung Galaxy smartphones are top of their game


Critics have applauded a number of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones,with many of the models standing as the best handsets on the market to date. The Galaxy S3 boasts one of the slickest Android Ice Cream Sandwich experiences available. This astounding experience is down to the S3’s 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos processor; one of the many nifty features that allows users to browse the web whilst watching a movie in the pop-up window at the same time.


Simple curves, a sleek metal trim and curved corners, reveal that the S3 has been designed with user ergonomics in mind. This is just one of the reasons the Samsung Galaxy’s are able to stay ahead of their game. The dazzling screen display makes surfing the web, watching videos and operating apps a pleasant procedure whilst extras like the microSD slot and long battery life give this handset an edge over the others on the market.

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Another Galaxy handset causing quite a stir in the mobile phone world in the Note II – the ‘Precise S Pen’ being a unique feature of this device which allows users to quickly jot down important memos. Other innovative features include the over-sized screen, the blazing-fast quad-core processor and its 4G capability.


As well as the standard options, the Galaxy range is constantly striving to do better. Take the S Pen Optimized for example –this easy-to-use tool has been programmed to remember text, equations and shapes, just as predictive text would. There are a number of S Pen Apps available, which allow users to experiment with their drawing techniques.

Just as the Galaxy S3 comes with an additional battery, the Note II also features an extra removable mAH battery. This additional battery allows for a full day of multitasking without the need to recharge the battery.

The larger than life screen on each of the Galaxy handsets comes as great news to those that use their phone to stream videos, read or play games.

Enhanced features

Samsung are constantly releasing new handsets in order to keep up with the ever-changing mobile world, this allows them to stay at the forefront of the mobile industry. Extra pixels, larger screen displays and faster core processors are just a few of the factors that improve every time the phone advances. More expandable memory options are readily available via Cloud Storage, microSD cards or alternatively Dropbox. This allows the new models to boast more space than ever before, which in turn means more room for videos, photos, content, applications and document storage.


One reason that consumers stay interested in the Galaxy line is the price; keeping this reasonably priced ensures Galaxy fans stay loyal to the brand.


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