Top 6 Educational Apps for iPad

Here in this article I am going to discuss Top 6 Educational Apps for iPad. iPad is a series of tablet computers from Apple Inc. iPad is a very popular gadget across globe which comes with different versions having different-different specs. So let’s start our main discussion.


Top 5 Educational Apps for iPad

1. State Bingo and Road Trip US

It is a popular educational app which offers learning with interactive examples. It uses the concept of learning with fun and lots of enjoy. This app offer students a platform to learn all the subjects deeply. It specially focuses on Mathematics and Maps. Its interactive maps with zoom-in, zoom-out feature completely transforms the way of learning map Geographic’s, angles etc. in one shot it is one of the best educational app for iPad which will help its user to learn with fun.

2. Native Numbers

Its name says everything. It is a math oriented app which covers all basic topics under mathematics. It includes number system, basic algebra, trigonometry etc. this is the app which can play a major role in case you want to learn mathematics deeply. It clears all basics and improves mathematical skill to great level.

3. Eye Paint Animals

If you think your child is enough capable of trying new-new things then it will suit you the best. It is an iPad app which improves creativity. It comes with all required tools which can anytime raise your creativity to next level. Except this, it comes with lots of cool fun supported features which will kill your boredom to ground.

4. Letter School

Letter School is another popular and useful educational app which covers all basic guides of most of the subjects. It mainly deals with drawing, mechanical parts, mathematics, handwriting part etc. it covers a wide range of fields which will surely improve your overall knowledge. It is one of the unique app which covers so many things. It comes with a different type of addiction which doesn’t let you shut it down so easily.

5. Reading Raven

Reading Raven is a fundamental app which must be there in your iPad if you want your kid to read all the sentences with ease. It is based on phonics which is supposed to be one of the best version of reading words. It covers variety of reading tools which helps your kid to learn words, sentences in a very short span of time. It even helps your kid to read short stories, poems very easily.

6. Numerosity

Numerosity will help your kid to grow with mathematics knowledge. It comes with interactive interface which is stuffed with very interactive features. It teaches Math from very basic level which includes number recognition, addition, subtractions, mul, div etc. So it is a perfect app for all who are looking to develop basic math’s knowledge in their kids.

So it is a set of 6 Educational Apps for iPad which can prove their worth in long run of your kid’s future. So try all of them and start growing your kid in an educational environment.

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