Top 5 best Android Apps for Cars

One Android Smartphone can do wonders if one can use it properly. Android has shown its impact on all the aspects of real life. Here in this article I am going to give you a package of top 5 Android apps for cars which can improve your security and can convert your boring car journey to a very innovative and fun full experience.



Top 5 best car apps for Android smartphones

1. Sygic: GPS Navigation

It is a kind of GPS locator which works in integration with GPS of your device. As it is connected to GPS connectivity so it never goes out of coverage, it is a free app which can be downloaded from Play Store easily. It comes with a 7 days trial period which is enough to learn it from crack. It comes with street spoken feature using which you can very easily navigate your car to different-different cities without worrying about anything else.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps are very accurate and fast. They can help you with your directions. With Google Maps you don’t have to worry about getting lost somewhere. It comes with voice guidance which is an awesome feature when seen from security point of view. It even gives you live traffic details which can be very affective especially in crowed-full areas. It is stocked with details about all nearby hotels, restaurants etc. which is the basic need of all drivers.

3. AutoMapa

AutoMapa is another helpful card app which lets you avoid heavy traffic jams and comes with LiveDerive technology support. It too works in integration with system’ GPS and find out the best possible way to reach to the destination. It comes with a 7 days free trail and is very effective for western countries.

4.Car Home

Car Home Android App is a completely free android app which comes with voice-GPS integration. It guides you completely through its voice support system. This app doesn’t drag much part of driver’s attention and thus keeps the driving at its best security level. It let you pick your calls remotely which is considered one of the best way of communication while driving. So this app comes with every required feature that can help a driver to utmost level.

5. FuelLog – Car Management

It is a car management app which let you be in touch with every maintenance part of your car. With this app, you can track your car’s parameters like mileage, daily fuel consumption, policies etc. In one shot it is a must have car app in your android smartphone. It even gives you information about servicing like tire replacements, washing period etc. which can really be very beneficial for all drivers out there.

So this is the set of 5 best Car apps for all types of drivers. These apps can prove their worth in short as well as in long run. So use all the above listed apps to enjoy your driving carrier to utmost.

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