The Ultimate Guide Revealing How to Save Money on Ink Cartridges

For most individuals, printing is something that they need to do on a daily basis. However, as most of you will be aware of printing costs can actually be rather expensive. Ink cartridges seem to run out fairly quickly when used on a frequent basis, and they are not cheap to buy in the first place. Thus, read on to discover some of the best ways in order to keep your costs minimum for printing purposes.

Sell Your Ink Cartridge When It Is Finished

When your ink cartridge is empty you should not merely chuck it in the bin and forget about it. Instead you should sell your empty cartridge. There are a few companies, which will buy these from you for a small fee. It may seem like it is not worth it but the money adds up and every little saving counts. Moreover, it is always better to recycle products.

Buy Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges

A lot of people are led to believe that once they have bought a printer they have to use the cartridges, which are of the same brand name of the printer. However, this is not the case. You can buy brand compatible cartridges as well. Thus, if you have an HP printer, you do not have to buy HP cartridges you just need to make sure that those, which you do buy, are compatible. A compatible ink cartridge is likely to be quite a bit cheaper in price and thus you can save some money by going for this option.

Set Your Printer to Draft Printing

If you are printing a document, which is not important then it is unlikely that you will need the page to be printed in perfect quality. Most printers offer the option of ‘draft print’. This option should be found within the quality setting section. It is recommended that you set your printer to this mode whenever you are printing something, which is not important because it will use less ink and thus you will not need to replace your cartridge as soon as you would otherwise have needed to.

Buy a Printer with Separate Colour Cartridges

If you already have a printer, then this is something you should do when you go to buy your next one. Typically printers either come with two cartridge slots – one for black and one for colour, or four cartridge slots – one for black, one for cyan, one for magenta, and one for yellow. The latter option is more economical because with the former option of a tricolour cartridge you have to actually replace the cartridge as soon as you run out of one of the three colours. Therefore you end up wasting ink and spending more money than is necessary.

Use Print Preview

So many people take the print preview option for granted, however it is a highly useful tool. How many times have you gone to print a picture from page only to find that it is too big for the piece of paper and only getting a segment of the image? If you had used print preview you would have avoided this problem and thus would not have used any unnecessary ink in the process as well.

If you use the five tips in this article then you should find that you are soon making savings on your ink cartridges.

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