Social Media Careers- The Next Generation Option What Is Social Media?

Social media has taken the world by rage. This phenomenon would not have been possible without the development of the technology in the form of hardware like smartphones and tablets. Social media is what it is today due to the easy accessibility it has managed to garner from different portals, available to all on the planet.



Earlier social media tools and apps were available only on expensive smartphones, but today, look at the market and you will find social media apps pre-installed in most phones and tablets you purchase. Businesses are running off social media, to the extent, even complex high-level job recruitment happens via testimonials visible on sites like LinkedIn now. This is the evolution that the world of softwares has brought along with it.

Why A Career in Social Media?

Social media has changed the way lives function. People now log onto Facebook and Twitter the first thing in the morning. These social media have attacked each sphere of life; they are used for entertainment, for work, and for communication. While, on the other hand, people are indulging in business right through social media where all their contacts can view their products without the working cost of investments and other costs that reduce the net revenues. It has changed the ways lives and businesses operate. Development of social media is directly proportional to the new business opportunities created.

Chart a Career in Social Media

Check Facebook careers and Yahoo careers to know about the kind of opportunities you can find in the social media sector. You can be a part of the software development team, the marketing team, research and product design, etc. Thus, the kind of work you do will depend on department you to choose to work with. If you are an engineer you can work with the development team, if you are designer you can work with the product design team. Most of the big social media groups come for college recruitments as well.


If you desire a career is social media then you ought to start soon and graduate with a mass media degree, say a Bachelor in Mass Media (BMM) at the graduate level. Curriculums have now started adding social media to their courseware as it has not become a prerequisite. With the blossoming of so many career opportunities in the social media sector not having it in graduate and post graduate syllabuses could be harmful for the student’s career. You can post graduate with either a Diploma degree or get yourself an MBA in Mass media. Slowly, B-schools are now offering a chance to pursue a Masters in social media itself.

Social media jobs may not pay you a hefty pay cheque at the first go but however, chances to get well growing, fast developing and interesting career is on the cards. Experience in different media firms and the personal usage of social media are a prerequisite to understanding what the company wants. Try this new field, only if it interests you!

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