Important tips to maximize laptop battery life

There is no difference if you using a brand new laptop or an old laptop for several years. What is important is to take proper care of laptop and it is your responsibility to maximize laptop battery life so that you get the most out of your laptop.


In order to increase or maximize laptop battery life, it is very crucial to first understand what exhausts the power from your laptop battery. LCD panel is the biggest culprit in a modern laptop. The most known and common ways to maximize your laptop battery life are:

  • Not keeping laptop plugged in all the time.

  • Minimizing screen brightness

  • Closing unnecessary programs

  • Putting off Wi-Fi when not in use.

  • Adjust the Screen Brightness

As it is already known that the LCD screen is the major threat for your laptop battery life. The simplest way to maximize laptop battery life is to make use of laptop’s hardware buttons to manage the screen brightness.

Also ensure that your power plan is set to turn off the display quickly when your laptop is not in use. It is always advisable not to use any fancy screensavers that overdo the graphics capabilities of your laptop.

Tweak your software and hardware

You can use number of hardware and software changes to maximize your laptop’s battery life. But, not always these tricks are helpful. Some of these tricks might cause your laptop to function poorly, so it is advisable to be careful. Though all these tweaks are tested but still there are chances that they may cause some deleterious changes.

Check Your Hardware for Power Consumption

Does your laptop have Bluetooth adapter and IR that you are not using frequently? There is no doubt that each of these devices uses power just by being enabled. So if you use these devices very often, disable them to save a little bit of battery.

Use Hibernate Mode When Possible

To maximize laptop battery life always use Hibernate mode in place of Sleep mood. Hibernate mood allows your laptop to completely power down and use zero power, so in case you are not going to use your laptop for next couple of hours, put it into Hibernate mode instead of sleep mode.

Maximize battery life by avoiding heat

It is true that laptop batteries always lose their ability to charge over time, but when a laptop is constantly overheated or used in a very hot environment, laptop battery dies very quickly. Constant heat chinks down the battery, and decreases its overall life.

When you use your laptop, ensure that the vents are unblocked. In addition, it is always recommended not to work with the laptop on pillows or cushions. Always put it on a raised platform that because it gives passage for plenty of airflow. Plus, clean the vents regularly with a can of compressed air.

Try to Avoid Multitasking As Much as Possible
The simplest and easiest way to maximize laptop battery life is avoiding multitasking. If it is feasible, stick to the one application at one time.

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