6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring IT Professionals

One important aspect of a company’s success is recruitment.  However, many recruiters are unaware of the pitfalls involved in the process. Included in this article are some common mistakes to avoid when recruiting potential employees


Effective employer-employee relationship can start with good IT recruitment communication.

1. Careless screening process

One mistake is to believe that all the information within a résumé is true.  You need to validate the information and this can be done in several ways such as calling or writing previous employers, or you can hire a company to investigate the candidates.  This will help you to evaluate the candidates quickly and easily.

2. Focusing too much on degrees

Many times there is too much focus on qualification such as the degrees candidates have, but the most important factor is the enthusiasm of the candidates. While many recruiters are placing a lot of emphasis on degrees, it should be noted that many who are qualified by the degrees they have, lack the experience to commit to the task successfully.

On the other hand, professional IT recruitment managers often use the personal achievements of candidates to assess them instead of the degrees they have acquired.  It must be noted though, that some positions will need candidates who are specially trained and have the degree qualification for the job.

3. Recruitment to fill immediate vacancies

Whenever an employee leaves suddenly, it creates a vacancy that needs to be filled.  This now creates a break in the link that will no doubt affect the company’s performance.  If this happens, don’t try to fill the vacancy as quickly as possible. However, try to seek more candidates so that you can make the right selection in finding the right one best suited for this vacant position.

 4. Rash promises

It’s never a good idea to make rash promises to candidates during the recruiting process. Making promises you cannot or know you will not keep can impact the company’s performance negatively. When a worker is dissatisfied it is always common knowledge at the workplace.  As a recruiter, you want to maintain the highest standard of professionalism because this is a factor that strengthens the productivity of the company.

5. Unprofessional conduct in interviews

Many recruiters do not have the skill of using the right questions to ascertain the real ability of the candidates. To get the candidates to display their abilities, knowledge or personalities, the recruiter must be smart enough to direct an interview with interactive communication. This will help you to know and also to evaluate the real competence of the candidates.

When the recruiter lacks professionalism during the interview process, it results in disappointments for qualified candidates and so they become disinterested since they are not given the opportunity to adequately show their true potentials.

6. Providing an incomplete job description

Job description is very important. Providing a detailed job description of what is required of the candidates will help the recruiter to choose the best candidate for the vacancy. This will also help the candidates to know what is really expected of them. Where a job requires team work, candidates who have the skill and personality to work independently will be better able to make the decision as to whether or not they are suited to the job and vice versa.

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